Silkwood Woodtreatment and Wood Protection Products

The Silkwood® Range of decorative wood coating products/sealers

Bring out the Grain and Beauty in your Wood

Bring Out The Grain In Your Wood

A Range of Colours Available

Variuos Wood Finishes Available

The Silkwood Wood Treatment Range for Indoor and Outdoor Wood Applications
The Silkwood Range of decorative wood coating products and sealers range from those for industrial application to those for DIY/Domestic use.

The continuous upgrading of the wood treatment product range,
and the inclusion of customised raw material components
has created a range of products that are outstanding in terms of:
  • Minimising wood degradation such as cracking, end splitting, warping and grain rise.
  • Durability.
  • Cost Performance.
  • Low Maintenance
Silkwood is used by Leading Manufacturers of Wooden Doors and Windows

Speciality Colours and Wood Sealers can be made to clients requirements on large orders

Silkwood® One of the leading range of wood treatment products for indoor and outdoor applications

Outdoor Decking Wood Treatment Product Range

Chose Silkwood For Complete Indoor and Outdoor Wood Protection

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